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Common Model

BKO’s Common Model and ML Core are parts of BKO AI’s Digital Twins initiative. The Common Model is the single source of truth across the entire enterprise

BKO's Common Model uniting enterprise data to a single source truth.

ML Core

Automated Machine Learning (Auto ML) combined with ML Core automates the time-consuming and error prone iterative tasks of machine learning model development and builds the pipelines for the data needed for classification, regression, and forecasting.

BKO ML Core automating and optimizing data analytics

Digital Twin

We extract the power of ML to build digital replicas of your process equipment which can then be used by engineers to mix and match different operating configurations and used in a number of scenarios such as trading, forecasting and operations planning.

A digital twin being created and optimized

Power Plant
Digital Twin

BKO AI have implemented a digital twin for power plants.

BKO engineers implementing a true digital twins model


Implementing ChatGPT can enhance efficiency, improve user experience, and provide added value across the enterprise.

BKO using ChatGPT and other generative AI