We offer several AI applications for downstream activities in the oil & gas industry.

Downstream Tactics

Integrating plant real-time data systems with trading, marketing, and distribution systems provides a basis for AI predictive tools to inform and impact operations in time to meet evolving market needs. We can visit you to discuss the entire supply and logistics chain to discover how AI can improve performance.

Cost Tracking and Forecasting

Operators face increasing pressure to maintain capital spend within guidance. Machine learning systems can interrogate historic spend, scheduling and operations data to forecast expected expenditures. By providing accurate visualizations of expected and actual costs, planning teams have the flexibility to scale operations up or down in response to available capital, thereby avoiding shutting down operations too soon or not investing all available capital.

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Monitoring for Anomaly detection

Our engineers perform anomaly detection using in-house trained predictive models to provide early warning alerts and diagnostic guidance to our customers. In a complex industry setting such as power plants, aviation etc., anomaly detection is critical to raise alarms beforehand to prevent significant damages and mishaps. Here, we propose a novel approach of using a multimodal neural network-based autoencoder. These detected anomalies generally tend to be more accurate and robust than anomalies detected by a single data source as latent representations capture inter-dependencies between different parts of the system through those multiple data sources.

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Data & Compute

BKO defines and designs enterprise cloud based solutions for advanced analytics applications. Real-time and financial data stored in your database can support operational and investment decision making at all levels.

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Case Study

Digital Representations of LNG Plants


An energy company producing and providing liquid natural gas (LNG), looked to improve the sales engagement with clients. The company wished to show prospective clients a life-like experience of what it takes to own and operate LNG processing plants. However, up until then, our client exclusively relied on outdated slide deck presentations. The energy company clearly identified that they had much to gain by creating a dynamic and immersive experience for clients during sales interactions.


We built and deployed a modern sales application with 3-dimensional visualizations that can be explored by zooming in and out, and rotating about any axis in 3D space. The model starts with a birds-eye view of the customer site and further extrapolates according to the configurations of the LNG plant, then the user may zoom down to view things as if they are truly walking around the site.

Our approach consisted of three branches:

  • Customer Application to deliver a polished 3D Sales Model presentation to the customer.
  • User Interface that allows customizing LNG plants around preferred design aesthetics or facility configuration.
  • Solid Infrastructure in the back-end of the software to provide integration, security & documentation needed to effectively manage the User Interface and Customer Application