Common Model

BKO’s Common Model and ML Core are parts of BKO AI’s Digital Twins initiative.

Common Model

The BKO Common Model is the single source of truth for all of a users applications requiring asset or data definitions. In addition, it contains relevant common information about each asset that describes the assets’ behaviors, the rules that govern this behavior, and the relationships with all other assets in the operational and management spheres.

In this way, the Common Model governs the entire data management of all assets including databases, the data and its changing values, and the systems security and single point access authorization.

Via the Common Model, the data may be presented to the user in diagrammatic form, whether pdf, 2D, or 3D and may also be presented to the applications that use the data in whatever format is required by those applications.

The Common Model is the heart of the Digital Twin, the Digital Twin is completed by the addition of the simulation capabilities provided by whatever applications the user employs for past, present, and future scenario qualification and projection.

BKO AI is working diligently on its Digital Twin development initiative with several clients, and welcomes interest in its approach from any other potential clients.