You may be a generation asset owner who has limited access to or cannot justify the cost of a control engineer, based on your location and the asset size.

Monitoring Services

We offer cost competitive monitoring services in which one of our engineers will monitor multiple assets from multiple owners, achieving significant benefits of scale. Services fall into three broad categories of monitoring:

Services we offer:

  • Anomaly detection
    Be alerted to strange events for deeper follow-up investigation.
  • Maintenance optimization
    When to send a repair request to avoid failures, but not too early.
  • Performance improvement and cost reduction
    Forecast scenarios and optimize operations.

Process Monitoring Applications

We will work with any client-side hardware or software (yes, really) and bring you the benefits that come from monitoring done by skilled analytic engineers and machine learning specialists. At minimum, we require data stored in modern real-time databases, and remote server cloud technologies. If you lack any data foundations we provide project services that encompass building out the necessary parts to enable monitoring services.